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In most cases, consumers are better off getting a mobile phone on finance. Often mobile phone contracts provide better calling tarrifs meaning lower call charges, than those offered with Pay As You Go mobile packages.

Most people presume that getting a phone on finance becomes difficult, especially for those that have bad credit rating, loan defaults or CCJs.

Some providers, such as Vodafone and Orange recognised the problem face by many, and have relaxed their credit checks meaning it's even easier for poor credit rating folk.

Need a mobile phone contract but got poor credit?

We’ve got the best mobile phone on finance deals, people with bad credit are looking for.


Just select a mobile phone provider and we’ll take you directly to their special offers for cusomter with poor credit.


Top 3 Mobile Phone Networks

1st Place


Great Approval Rates
If you’ve ever had a credit problem then Orange maybe able to help. All contracts are available on wide range of tarrifs to suit your needs even people with bad credit history.

2nd Place

T Mobile

Special Tarrifs Available
Solo tarrif is a special deal aimed at customers who are struggling with credit checks. Solo is considered the best bet for those with bad credit history.

3rd Place


Sim Only Deals
Keep your old phone and get great online tarrifs when you opt for a Vodafone Sim Only deal. Ideal for people with bad credit, and only a 30 day contract.


Orange is a great choice if you’re looking for a Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contract. Orange Mobile usually offer an instant decision so if you are refused, you can immediately try T-Mobile Solo, or Vodafone Sim Only. If you want a good mobile phone contract deal then Orange should be your first choice for getting a mobile contract, especially if you are young, a stduent or have a poor credit history.

Be realistic when applying and consider starting out on a SIM Only deal from Vodafone. Once you’ve had this for a few months, you may then find it easier to upgrade to a monthly contract mobile phone.

If you really want a monthly contract, then our experience tells us that the T-Mobile SOLO Contracts are the best way to get a contract mobile phone, even if you have bad credit history. By selecting a TMobile SOLO contract you have a much better chance of being approved for a t-Mobile phone.